The Biggest and Most Nefarious Scam in all of Man's History

The most nefarious scam of all time...

Never had I ever thought, not even for a single second, that I would live to see and to live the biggest and most nefarious scam of all of Man's History.

Nonetheless, it IS happening, and from what I have seen till today, it will continue to do so.

The world's most notorious clown has become president of the United States of America. He duped everybody in one way or another, and he even "rigged" the Elections of 2016 to sway, in apearance, to his favor. He used psychological and linguistic framing artfully all the way throughout his campaign. He divested and denuded all forms of political and public propriety, respect and decency, and consistently increased his efforts in becoming a growing object of fear and intimidation nationally and worldwide, as well as a constant source of anxiety at all levels. He used every bombastic trick up his sleeve and he persecuted his opponents; mainly, Hillary Clinton. And, yet, no one saw it. No single observer nor actor or agent perceived it and validated it was really happening. Shock and invention and lies were his supreme atomic weapons of mass destruction — destruction of the established ways, protocols, procedures, attitudes, expectations and languages used every period of new presidential elections were agressively pushed onward and imposed on all parties and people involved. The scenario for the disestablishment of the "Establishment" was set and had been ready to be hurled on the American People since years before, while infiltrations into political parties, official groups, roles and levels were simultaneously being implemented. With the help of partnering external foreign forces and their cooperation, everyone fell into their hands, and they "won."

But the Truth is that they did not "win." The American People and the political systems and elements were ingeniously tricked into thinking so — they were unexpectedly and so disconcertedly duped. They were trumped and duped until it was too late to do anything about it, especially since this is a Democracy. They used and turned "Democracy" on the very American People, against the American citizenry, and against the electoral vote and system.

— John Zuniga Roberts,
Thu 21 Sep 2017

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