"That All Men are Created Equal..." False

When all men, women, and children approach consciousness, when they all enter into the notion of a civilized world, when the whole of humanity embarks on the road to becoming a unified society, a mixed but harmonious community, ... that is when everything fails from the very start due to the conflicting, prevalent imposition that all of them are equal in all respects.

They are not.

It is imperative that we first look at who it was that burdened and blinded us with such an illusion of equality. It was certainly not the people. It was not humanity.

As for the "illusion," it is just that -- a false, controlling idea that predominates among many people and nations. But, never to find neither success nor a reality of it.

Rather, it is, in fact, a controlling tactic and tool that keeps men and women going around in unending circles within the maze that they made for all of us true humans and naturally common individuals.

And, who is the "they" in this equation of life, domination, and enslavement?

Why, it is the very ones who created this and other ideas and illusions, the controlling elitist group or groups that equally created the matrix in which they would be applied massively and collectively on the common humans and "citizens" of the world.

Now, on a higher level, the controlling force behind the entire plan and the controlling group itself need not necessarily be originally from this world nor universal space. Yet, it is real, unquestionably real, and it is in effect perpetually.

Evil lurks in all mal-intended actions and events around us, ... around us here on Earth. Evil is the force, concealed, and unrevealed, yet disguised in the masquerade that the controllers have made life into.

This reigning principle should thus be taken seriously into account and validated when getting together, or when discussing in an attempt to reshape the conditions of modern living and reorganization on a community or cultural level as a society.   [And perhaps even within a labor force.]

It goes without further saying, then, that it is (perforce) a fact and a reality that equality among men, women, and children does not legitimately exist.

Work at the human level needs gravely to be done.

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John Zuniga Roberts
sat 11 nov 2017
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"All men are created equal..." Yes. By God.
  — John Zuniga Roberts

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by John Zuniga Roberts
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Fri 17 Nov 2017

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