Do you want more visibility?

Is it really that hard for you to see?

How much more do you need to see, American?

Tuesday 27 September 2017
by meister_z, John Zuniga Roberts

Do you want more visibility?

Are you kidding?

Can't you see the evil in Trump. Why, he can't even sit in the presidential seat as true President of the land. The Homeland? What Homeland? Who is the "homeland" for? During the birth and commencement period of the United States of America it was the homeland of the true creators and forgers of the land and the Nation.

Who is the "homeland" for today?

Homeland? That's a term and the ideology that was originally generated and made into unrelenting Policy by the Nazis.

Psst, ... Guess what? They are still here... in Nazi, Supremacist America.

And Trump is presumably (or yet most certainly) at the head.

Is it really that hard for you to see?

Do you want more visibility?

Here, take a good look. What does Trump create or forge for the Nation and for the American citizens — the American People? Take a look at Puerto Rico still today, April 15, 2018.

Look at what he tweeted regarding the Puerto Rican People just after the hurricane disaster and complete destruction:


... and later in answer, with the truth...


What do you need, American? How much do you need?

How much more do you need to see and understand the face of evil, and the script of evil actions and their agenda?

Ultimately, to see the face of the "new" Gestapo and SS in America? (Just look at ALL the enforcement agencies, the Mexican border militarization, and the corrupt, murderous officers and "justice" system, itself.) And impunity is their reward. Impunity for the wealthy and the cronies is the true Law of the Land. The innocent and poor can rot in jail or prison, while assasin cops, Arpaio, and now Cohen are free and again at it. Why, even make these demons Senators, they say. And, why not? Even President.

How much do you need? In order to see the face of terrorizing immoral fascism in your own home? ...your own "Homeland"?

The Civil War is still on, it has never (truly) ended — and they are now enedeavoring to revive and regenerate it in their own ("new") ways — it is the downfall and disestablishment of the "Founded Traditional Establishment" and Constitutional Democracy.

If you wish, read my other article, "Trumpocracy-and-the-Usurpation-of-Democracy-and-Constitutional-United-States," which lays out what is actually transpiring and the somewhat hidden forces, events, and endeavors which have given rise to our current situation and state.

As I, you will perhaps be more enlightened and equipped to understand the "broader picture" and to learn from the article what had until today been veiled or forcefully hidden facts and truths. And if we really DO love America and a healthy way of Life, we will make an effort to read and to unveil those hidden forces in order to reach a fuller understanding of everything. This will enable us to progress into making life and ourselves better persons and entities.

John Zuniga Roberts
Sunday 15 April 2018

Compiled and Edited
by John Zuniga Roberts
meister_z Language Services
Sun 15 April 2018

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