Do you know what Satan's favorite weapon is?

Satan has a favorite weapon to attack believers: unbelief... and disbelief. If you've ever felt like you were under attack by the overpowering forces around you, by the people and friends breathing down your neck, sometimes seemingly dark, negative and beyond yourself, that's Satan working to break you down. This enemy is a deceiver, and unless you have pacted with him, he will use any tactic he can to get you to renounce all your personal, social, and political beliefs, convictions, and intentions, ...and even Christ. He shudders every time you speak up and pronounce the Truth, or even share or confess to God or your close friends.

"Satan is our enemy and he fully intends to destroy us."

Satan attempts to steal our faith; by tempting us, discouraging us, intimidating and threatening us — by binding us to deals and agreements we know are against our true beliefs and decency, and by even leading us to doubt our own goodness. And he accomplishes much of this by distracting us incessantly, and ultimately dividing us. He employs various strategies to attack our faith and our assurance in the Truth and what is right, and maybe even God.

However, God always helps us to survive these attacks with New Faith, our faith strengthened rather than destroyed — with our thoughts and beliefs now truer parts of us again. We just get confused, disoriented and dazed by the incessant pounding on us, and on our brain and Spirit. But somewhere in Holy Scripture it says:

"Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes."   (Ephesians 6:11)

"When we wear weakened armor, it's easy for Satan to work his way in and sabotage us."

John Zuniga Roberts

based on:
Do you know Satan's favorite weapon?
by Leslie White


Compiled and Edited
by John Zuniga Roberts
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Tue 17 April 2018

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